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Equifax eMortgage is your centralized web portal for the services you need to target, assess and close the right borrowers.

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Target & Assess Borrowers Collateral Value Connector CreditXpert

Welcome to eMortgage

Increased consumer debt and stricter regulatory requirements have heightened the need for lenders to access more detailed information about potential borrowers. eMortgage offers more than just consumer credit data. We help you combine credit, employment, income and property data with other user-defined criteria to deliver actionable customer intelligence at the point-of-sale with Equifax products available via eMortgage.

For truly informed decision making, you need a comprehensive view of your potential borrower's creditworthiness and ability to repay. By accessing timely, accurate assessments of undisclosed liabilities, employment, income and property valuation via eMortgage, Equifax helps you eliminate these burdensome tasks during loan origination.